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H.264 DVR Card AB-H8016C

AB-H8016C CIF DVR cards


Main Features:
(1) H.264 encoder cards in AB-H8 series are based on H.264/G.729 compression standard and powerful DSP DM645 from TI.
(2) Real time 30 fps per channel;total 480 fps
(3) High resolution 352x240 (NTSC), 352x288 (PAL)
(4) 16 channels video and audio recording,
(5) Support up to 64 channels encoding at the same time on one PC
(6) Support up to 16 channels playback while recording

Minimum System Requirements
(1) Motherboard: (recommended) Intel chipset 845, 865, 875, 915
(2) Pentium 4 2.66GHz or higher
(3) 512MB RAM
(4) Display Card: (recommended) GeForce 4MX 440 64MB or ATI 9200,9500 64MB DirectX8.1 or 9.0B Note: TNT2 NOT SUPPORTED

Main Functions Video Specifications
(1) Encoder Real time H.264 Base Profile (MPEG4 Part 10)
(2) Supports Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
(3) Support up to 64 channels encoding at the same time on one PC
(4) Resolution CIF compression: 352x240 (NTSC), 352x288 (PAL)
(5) Video Bit Rate: 60kbit/sec to 2Mbit/sec (Variable Bit Rate) 384kbit/sec to 2Mbit/sec (Constant Bit Rate)
(6) Frame Rate: 30 fps per channel (NTSC), 25 fps per channel (PAL) Real time preview, recording and playback
(7) Setup: Setup all parameters while encoding
(8) Video Filter: Hardware filter to de-interlace and reduce noise
(9) Video Input: 16 channels CVBS signal Composite video/BNC 1 Vp-p, 75

Audio Specifications
(1) Encoder: G.729 Audio 8kbit/sec and PCM 64kbit/sec
(2) Audio Input: 16 channels audio input , 10K| Vp-p=2.0V Line in

(1)Decoder: Support up to 16 channels playback while recording
(2)Video Out: Supports video decoder card and display video on VGA or TV with up to 24 channels D1 or 96 channels CIF in same time
(3)Network: Playback and remote view by Media Player and IE

(1) Motion Detection: Multi-area detection powered by hardware Detection by active area and sensitive priority
(2) Time Code: Add TT: MM: DD and HH: MM: SS: FF format data in video
(3) Logo: Add fixed picture and set mosaic area in video
(4) Video Masks: Provide video mosaic region for each channel
(5) Alarm: Video loss alarm
(6) Security: Each card has its unique serial number
(7) Power: Usage Less than 1W for each channel
(8) Web: Support IE

Bus Interface: PCI


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